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1. By Fax: 00 (1) 562 213 0605
2. By Email: [email protected]
3. By Phone: 00 (1) 562 213 0604

*Please always remember to reference your account number when ordering.

Minimum Order
INITIAL ORDER: $ 200 per order per delivery per address.
RE-ORDER: $ 50 per order per delivery per address.

STANDARD PACKAGING: AFFINTAS products are primarily packaged with an AFFINITAS hanger and in an AFFINITAS poly-bag. There are hangtags and price tickets on each garment.

Lead Time and Delivery
Orders are processed and shipped within 3-5 business days.

Please contact our regional office, or e-mail [email protected], or our regional sales representatives to get initial delivery schedule of new items.

Payment Method
- Credit Card Purchase: Visa / Mastercard / AMEX (for all customer accounts);
- Net 30 Term (for approved accounts only): Credit Card / Checks / Wire Transfer

*Please make Check payable to “AFFINITAS INTIMATES”.

Promotional, Sale and Closeout Items
AFFINITAS occasionally has sales promotions and items offered at discounted prices. If interested, or for more information on styles, pricing and availability, contact our regional sales representative through [email protected]

- No additional discounts apply.
- Sale products are non-returnable and non-refundable.
- All discounted items are sold as packaged.

- Customers are responsible for shipping charges unless free shipping is offered, subject to approval.
- Customers are responsible for freight charges if a special delivery or express shipping services are requested;
- Customers are responsible for the freight charges of returned goods.

Freight Claims
In the event your shipment from AFFINITAS is delayed and/or damaged by the freight carrier, please follow the instructions listed below to ensure proper reimbursement. DO NOT REFUSE THE SHIPMENT or you will lose your right to file a claim. Please contact our office within 24 hours of receiving your delayed/damaged order to receive your claim number.

- When the product is delivered, note any box damage on the air-bill.
- If interior damage is suspected, unpack the damaged boxes while the carrier is still present to show them any interior damage.
- Record the damage on the air-bill and call the courier to report the damage. Be prepared to give the air-bill number to their representative and the dollar amount of damage. Be sure to get the name of the representative you speak with for your records.
- Once your claim has been filed, notify AFFINITAS by contacting our office:
- HELPFUL HINT: Taking photos of the damaged product is an excellent way to support your claim.
- NOTE: No matter what transportation method is used, AFFINITAS is not liable for any damaged shipments. AFFINITAS will ship all freight claim replacement orders at the expense of the customer.

Returns / Replacements / Refunds
Returns or replacements of goods are only available for products that have quality problems. Customers must notify AFFINITAS for any quality problem of products within 30 days after the Ship Date. No returns or replacement requests are acceptable for products received more than 30 days. For all return/replacement requests, a Return/Replacement Authorization Form must be directly submitted to AFFINITAS by contacting our office via phone, fax or e-mail. No AFFINITAS sales representative has the authority to approve any return/replacement for any products for any reason. When calling for return/replacement authorization, please have the following information ready: store name and address, account number, style number, size, color, quantity, reason for return and the invoice number on which the returned/replaced product was originally billed. No returns will be accepted for on sale, promotional and discounted merchandise.

Returns Procedure
- Do a quality check for the goods received within 30 days from the day the goods were received;
- Take pictures of any defective part of any defective goods (at least 1 picture per item);
- E-mail the pictures of the defective goods to [email protected] along with Return/Replacement Authorization Form, must fill out store name and address, account number, style number, size, color, quantity, reason for return and the invoice number;
- Affinitas will evaluate the return request based on your provided information and issue a Returns Authorization Number (RA#) for the request;
- Affinitas will issue store credit or send replacement for the defective goods. NO REFUND IS AVAILABLE!

Please do not send the defective goods back to us unless requested by us. In case we request you to send the defective goods back to us, each package sent for return/replacement must have the return/replacement authorization number (RA#) provided by AFFINITAS clearly marked on the outside of the package.

Returns are to be shipped to the following locations:

Return & Replacement
16265 East Gale Avenue,
City of Industry, CA 91745, USA.
T: 00 (1) 562 213 0604
F: 00 (1) 562 213 0605
E-mail: [email protected]

Merchandise will be returned at the customer’s expense if returned without prior approval; if the return authorization number is not clearly marked on the outside of the package. Please be aware that returned goods will only be accepted; if and only if, the merchandise matches the original request in quantity, size, style or color and is in condition at sale (For example: On Hanger, In poly bag, UPC Price Tag with MSRP tab attached). All cancelled orders, refused shipment or any returns except in the instance of defective merchandise or shipping errors, will be subject to a 15% restocking fee plus shipping charges.

Remit To
Please address PAYMENTS to:

16265 East Gale Avenue,
City of Industry, CA 91745, USA.
T: 00 (1) 562 213 0604
F: 00 (1) 562 213 0605
E-mail: [email protected]

Cooperative Advertising
Currently, AFFINITAS INTIMATES doesn’t offer cooperative advertising.

Retailers who sell via catalogue or website
We strongly recommend that customers contact AFFINITAS or our regional sales representatives prior to selecting products for inclusion in mail-order catalogue, brochures or web sites to confirm that the product(s) will continue to be available for the life of the publication. In some instances, product, color or size selection may discontinue without prior notice.

A free AFFINITAS Product CD is available upon request.

Internet Images
Images of our product are available for use on your internet website. Product images of new items are generally released one month prior to the initial delivery of the items. Please contact our regional offices or our sales representatives for the releasing time of product images of each item and request that a Product CD be sent to you. We do not allow duplication of our images from our web site or printed catalogs and literature. AFFINITAS does not offer compensation for web site services including, but not limited to, placement fees and graphic design.

Privacy Policy
Unless otherwise noted, product names, designs, logos, text and images are the trademarks, service marks, trade names, copyrights or other property of AFFINITAS INTIMATES. All other trademarks are the property of their perspective owners. Nothing may be used, reused, modified or distributed for public or commercial purposes without the written permission of AFFINITAS.