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Sona Skoncova: The New Face of Affinitas Lingerie

She’s dazzling, incredibly sexy and very, very cool. With a striking gaze through the lens that peers into our souls, she is powerful and mysterious. Slovakian beauty, Sona Skoncova is the newest face of Affinitas lingerie. With her striking beauty and close to perfect skin that once graced the covers of One and Viva Glam magazine, Skoncova has captured the heart of television viewers with her elegant look and is now winning the hearts of people all over the world with her debut in Affinitas Autumn/Winter 2013 catalog.

Projecting a sexy elegance, the former beauty queen fills every shot taken with sensuality and confidence. She’s highly skilled and filled with energy at every pose she strikes; as a self-described “lover of life” Skoncova has it all. Who can possibly deny this statuesque model at a glance? The body of a goddess will always command the attention of mortals. In her presence, you see what gracefulness she has with her beautiful smile and striking posture.

Any man would love to fight for Skoncova’s attention as she shines through photos, it is evident her beauty comes naturally.  She is a divine gem that helps add to the beauty of the products she is wearing. In her we find a young model uniquely aware of the vibrant touch that her smile provides us and in her most candid shots her cheeky grin is wickedly cool.

Skoncova will persuade many women to consider Affinitas lingerie. Purchasing comfortable and luxurious threads can be tricky, but the payoff is invaluable. Pull off the wild and sexy look like her, and he’ll be sure to go wild for you.

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  1. I’ve heard this kind of thing somewhere else, but you nailed it!

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